Want it ~ 2013 Lexus LS 430

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This is the closest I’m getting to a mommy-mobile…..when I upgrade the current (sporty) Lexus to the big one

Want it ~ 2012 Aston Martin Virage

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Aston Martins are my other car crush

Prologue to Sequel to Skeletons in the Closet (still unnamed)

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The working title is Everybody’s Got One but that’s not sticking with me so it will be something else. I’m going to let this book name itself :o )


I’m not sure what’s worse: That my first husband cheated on me, let the whole world know it and gave me an STD or that my second husband cheated on me with a man. A man that put me in the hospital and almost killed me. Not that it really matters which is worse. What matters is that I got played. Twice. But you know what matters the most? None of that shit will ever happen again. Fuck. Love.

I adored my second husband, Titus from the time I laid my eyes on him, but he just wouldn’t admit that he was a closet bisexual. He carried on a love affair with a man for seven years before I met him. I had my suspicions. I gave him several chances to be honest. I never would have left him if he would have simply told me the truth. But he didn’t and I couldn’t stay married to a man who didn’t trust me.

Divorced twice at the age of 26. I married my first husband, Wayne, before he was a celebrity. He was my second client. Now he’s a household name. I’m not saying that I deserve credit for his fame, because the man has Oscar-worthy talent. But I did make sure he met with all the right people so he could showcase his ability. And I’m as good at making people famous as he is at being famous. I knew he wanted to be a household name, and I helped him make it happen. I just wasn’t prepared for him to get famous and for everything to change between us. Wayne is handsome, smart, sweet, ambitious, and loving. But after he got his first big movie role, it was like he wasn’t my husband any more. He wouldn’t come home every night any more and then he gave me chlamydia. Then, to add insult to injury he allowed himself to be photographed hugging and kissing a jump-off! Within minutes, pictures of him and his whore were everywhere. That was my breaking point. It was one thing when we dealt with Wayne’s infidelities privately. It was totally different when the whole world knew about it. I made him pay for his indiscretions the only way I could. I took exactly half of everything he had, including his future earnings. Then I made sure the divorce details were released to the tabloids since Wayne thought it was so fly to publicly embarrass me.

I’ve co-owned Clean Closet Public Relations with one of my best friends, Quincy King, for seven years now. Our other best friend, Ana Christina Gonzalez, is an actress and one of our most famous clients. We’ve all been best friends since the third grade so it was natural for us to all work together. Representing Ana used to be fun and easy for me. She is a beautiful, talented actress that had a squeaky clean reputation. Some clients were hard to work with because they didn’t always tell the truth or give the information I needed. I always found myself putting out fires that I didn’t know had any potential to burn. And the bad thing is sometimes they would keep lying even after they become TMZ’s headline story. I was used to this with my other clients, but nothing prepared me for Ana to have secrets. At least, nothing prepared me for Ana to have secrets from Quincy and me.

In the past six months, Ana had become my most volatile and secretive client. She was losing control of her cocaine habit and her life. When I discovered her cocaine use, she downplayed it and I believed her. It is Hollywood and I had never had any reason to believe she was hooked on drugs. It wasn’t until she overdosed in a New York hotel room that I realized she had a real problem. Quincy and I made Ana promise us she would stop and we swore we’d give her whatever support she needed. We almost lost our friend that day. It was the scariest day of all of our lives.

I was always very protective over my friends and had been able to keep Ana’s cocaine usage out of the media. But there was a media shit storm when rumors of an Ana Christina Gonzalez sex tape surfaced. A guy had a video he was trying to sell the tabloids. One of my friends at TMZ tipped me off before any deals were reached. I didn’t believe it at first. “Not our girl,” Quincy and I said in unison when we heard. But when we talked to Ana we found out that it was “our girl”. My lawyers immediately issued a cease and desist order on the sale and distribution of the video.

The fiasco was really hard to spin in the media because Ana’s boyfriend at the time wasn’t the man in the video with her. Her sex tape co-star was David Cameron, the married, middle-aged director of the last movie she filmed. And to make matters worse, David Cameron’s wife was an executive at the movie studio over Ana’s next movie. The wife could have the film scrapped and had enough power to make sure Ana’s career never seen the light of another day. David’s wife said she would decide what to do with the movie once the issue with the sex tape was resolved because David insisted the tape was a fake. David was depending on the LA Superior Court to keep his lie a secret. Ana was depending on that same thing. Neither of them was ready for their skeletons to come out the closet.

Want it ~ 2013 Ferrari F620 GT

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I figured Ferrari deserved another day.

Want it ~ 2012 Khan Ferrari California

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Since I started the week out with a car….I figured I’d keep that trend going. And for some reason I’ve had my eyes on Ferraris lately………..I mean a girl can dream. And what better than a California dream ;o)

Want it ~ 2012 Maserati Granturismo Convertible

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Picture me rolling B)

Barack Talk 2012 ~ Panel Discussion of President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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Hope you enjoyed the BarackTalk event discussing President Obama’s State of the Union Address. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, here’s your chance to view it now using the link below.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Barack Talk 2012 ~ Live Stream Panel Discussion of President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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~ I Got ~ Alice and Olivia Blanche Fur Collar Shrug

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I’ve been out shopping quite a bit lately. I saw this shrug and immediately knew it was meant for me. It’s warm and not too many people will have it…besides purple is my favorite color.

Here’s the pic of the shrug as advertised by Saks Fifth Avenue (my FAVORITEST store ever…and yes I made up that word).

And here’s me in it with some of my favorite people at the Watch the Throne Concert on 12/5/2011.

~ I Want ~ Gucci ‘New Jackie’ Large Shoulder Bag w/Hand-stitching and Bamboo Detail

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I was out shopping today and came across this purple python “Exclusive” handbag (It was marked as “Exclusive” and I couldn’t find it on the Gucci web site).

Everybody loves an exclusive and I’m no exception!